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"Reggie Nicholson creating exquisite splashes of color and unmetered cascades on the drums." Chicago Tribune


"Drummer Reggie Nicholson not only provided the glue that held the various moods together, but soloed with the same purpose and tonal consciousness as the front line." LA Times


 “Nicholson's underpinning leads perfectly to a spectacular tenor solo,” AllAboutJazz


“Reggie has done a great job of providing superb arrangements for the four horns, each ensemble piece radiates with warmth and thoughtful charts. 'Surreal Feel' is thoughtfully conceived and consistently well-played with a warm, glowing sound that feels just right.” - Downtown Music Gallery NYC


“Nicholson seems to have learned well from Henry Threadgill and Muhal Richard Abrams how to write advantageously for the instruments, using melody, harmony and counterpoint to put together uncommon and attractive forms.”  AllAboutJazz


“A large sound pallet of shakers, various drums, marimba, congas, bongos, cymbals, gongs, tambourines and wood blocks. The addition of Washington's tenor sax, oboe and flute may be in contrast to the percussion instruments, but it asks the musical question - what else do you need...?" All About Jazz

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